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Okay Human is dedicated to telling the story of the millennial. We are currently on the lookout for pieces that we can feature in our Perspective category. If you have an opinion or commentary on current trending issues, a reply to an existing Perspective piece, or want to share your personal experiences that other young people can relate to, send it to us using the form below. For an example of stories we’d like to see published in Perspective, click here.

We’re also accepting submissions for Open Letters. Your email will be required, but we’ll ensure that your identity stays anonymous. For an example of stories we’d like to see published in Open Letters, click here.

We pay $40 for every accepted submission to Perspective. We do not pay for articles sent to Open Letters. It will take us one to three days to respond to your stories. If you don’t hear from us after three days, it most likely means your article has not been accepted.

Okay Human is neither liberal nor conservative, so anyone from whichever end of the ideological spectrum can submit. As long as your opinion piece is well-written, well-argued, and backed by facts, we will publish it.