A political divide between Republicans and Democrats have long existed, and with one of the most controversial elections on the roll, that division is much greater. Despite political differences, the Young Democrats and Republicans of Texas proved everyone that the two opposing groups can actually work together.

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These Young Democrats and Republicans of Texas have teamed up in a humanitarian project to help Louisiana flood victims. The initiative for the project was spearheaded by a Young Republican from Arkansas, Sarah Drye, who  thought of helping out the flood victims by gathering donations with the help of Amazon. They created a customized wishlist in Amazon which includes resources such as, first aid, school supplies, diapers, cleaning materials, and toiletries, which can be purchased by anyone as a form of donation. The purchased items are sent to an address where flood reliefs are being gathered and prepared to be delivered.  The Texas Young Democrats reached out to the Young Republicans and volunteered to help in the project. The two groups are working together in perfect harmony in delivering the supplies to various families affected by the flood.

Both of the groups seem happy to work with each other and are doing a great job working together.

John Baucum, chairman of Texas Young Republicans, said, “At the end of the day, we all live and work together.”

While Celia Morgan, president of the Texas Young Democrats, said, “Our generation recognizes that some things are just plain bigger than ourselves,”  “After all, Southern hospitality knows no political affiliation.”

The said project is the first partnership for Young Democrats and Republicans and it has inspired a lot of people. The inspiring actions of these millennials, despite their opposing political beliefs, prove that some differences may not matter at all in the face of crisis, and that in the end, unity wins.

Here is Nola.com‘s coverage of the Louisiana flood: