We always talk about the things we should say no to, but saying yes and knowing when to do so is just as important a skill. Refusal takes guts and will-power, but so does acceptance and knowing what one wants and needs – and when to get them. Just as saying no can be difficult to someone who has been a yes-person all their life, a trained naysayer could also have problems saying yes at the right moments. But of course, you don’t need to be reminded that all yeses, as with all nos, must be rational. Don’t be like this guy!


A single serving of Ben & Jerry’s won’t make you fat just as a single hour on the treadmill won’t make you thin. Everything in moderation.

Buying the latest iPhone/Gadget

Do you have the money to the buy the newest iPhone? Are you still using an iPhone 4? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then go ahead and pre-order. Don’t worry about grumpy people who constantly gripe about gadget bandwagons. If having the latest iPhone – or any other hip gadget for that matter – will significantly make your life easier and things more convenient, then go for it.

Unplanned vacation

I’ve made it no secret my distaste for “wanderlust,” but sometimes our weekends can be so mind-numbingly boring that we just have to get away, right away. As long as it’s somewhere within your state, you won’t get some nasty finger-wagging from your boss or prof, and it doesn’t leave you Trump campaign broke, go wander the effing lust off.


Whether it’s rewatching old Friends episodes, marathoning the Walking Dead, or finishing the whole Harry Potter series in one sitting — twice, a lingering guilt feeling at the back of your mind always creeps whenever you binge-watch; it’s a feeling that makes you feel bad for being less productive, lazy, or worse, unaccomplished. But everybody needs their lazy-af binge days once in a while, especially if the show’s worthy enough to be binge-watched. There are only two rules to strictly follow when doing so: first, that you don’t have any impending deadlines in the coming days, and second, the show you’re binge-watching doesn’t start with Real Housewives.

Partying with the girls (or without the BF)

Hey, you. We’re supposed to be having fun. We’re in the club, we’re sipping on mojitos, we’re dancing our binge-watching butts off  — stop texting your boyfriend! Surely, he’ll survive your phone absence for an hour or two. You’re not doing anything bad, and he knows exactly what you’re doing tonight. Stop feeling guilty for having fun without your boyfriend. Fun exists outside your relationship (shocking, I know), and everyone should be able to embrace it once in a while. Girl, I’ll wreck your newly bought iPhone!