Sometimes the things that lead up to the greatest moments in our lives happen and we aren’t even aware of it. Or sometimes our loved ones come up with clever ways to make those great moments happen for us.

Such is what 38-year-old Ray Smith of Carr Lane, Grimsby, England, did for his girlfriend Claire Bramley. The story of Smith proposed to Bramley after he video of him showing he took 148 secret “selfie” proposals went viral and the story behind the romantic gesture will pull your heartstrings.

“I have been planning to propose for a while and I knew I wanted to do something romantic, so I originally thought about popping the question in a hot air balloon,” Smith told the Grimsby Telegraph.

But the news that Claire is pregnant with their first child prompted Smith to rethink his plan. So from July 31 leading up to December last year, Smith discreetly placed a little card with the words “Will you marry me?” which he held while taking selfies of the two of them. And he managed to do so without Claire catching him in the act.

“I had no clue, I was totally oblivious to it all,” Claire, who is now eight months pregnant,  said in a report by Huffington Post.

But how did he manage to keep it a secret for months? “Sometimes she wanted to see the pictures so I had to make more than one—one with the card and one without,” Rey told the Grimsby Telegraph. He admits there were times when he was almost caught.

“It was really stressful putting it all together, it took a lot of hard work” he admitted to the Telegraph. “She nearly caught me a couple of times but I just had to pray it worked.”

Smith “officially” proposed on Christmas Day. He pulled Claire aside on the busy holiday and played her a montage of the photos, some of which involved family and friends asking on his behalf and at the end of the clip he got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

“I just wanted to prove how much I love her,” Smith said.

“I was totally surprised,” Claire admitted. “But in hindsight it’s exactly the kind of thing he does.”

The happy couple say they are planning to wed in spring 2017.

This isn’t the first time such stunt was pulled off for a marriage proposal. Dean Smith (no relation to Rey), proposed to his girlfriend, Jennifer Kessel, in Aruba last January after also secretly proposing to her everyday for a year.

[Featured image from Ray Smith/YouTube]