Jennifer Hudson, Grammy-Award-winning recording artist, Academy Award-wining actress, and author who rose to fame from American Idol, despite not winning, proves how one can continue to pursue dreams with persistence. With all the fame she has now, she makes sure to give back to the community and she is doing that in Chicago, her hometown, one backpack at a time.

Jennifer Hudson and her sister Julia celebrated their annual Hatch Day event, in honor of her late nephew’s birthday, by donating school supplies to thousands of underprivileged school children in Chicago. This was in collaboration with Julian D. King Gift Foundation, the organization they created for Jennifer’s nephew and Julia’s son Julian King.  The event is in honor of his nephew Julian who was murdered along with Jennifer’s mom, Darnell Donerson, and brother, Jason Hudson, back in 2008.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hudson explained the significance of the event,  “I wanted my sister to look forward to her son’s birthday.”

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With their tragic loss, they were able to make something positive out of it through giving hope to other children and continuing the legacy of his nephew.

“Julian was a scholar of a child,” Jennifer shared with Entertainment Tonight. “He was a giver as well. Hatch Day represents everything about him.”

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The sisters started the program six years ago in a church basement and made it an annual event which served as a back-to-school holiday for the kids to donate school supplies to children in need in the community every year on Julain’s birthday. Now the program has helped over 5,000 children be prepared for school.

“I had no idea what we were starting, and so to think back then to now, it’s like, look at the seed we have planted!” Jennifer said. “It means a lot to be able to help, to give back,” Julia added.

Jennifer Hudson and her family truly knows how to change one’s perspective into something filled with positivity despite negative circumstances. In the event, Jennifer Hudson shared the vision of the program and reminisced about his nephew as she explained the significance of the program.

Hudson shared what her mother used to tell her,”Jenny, one thing about you, you always find the positive no matter how negative things may be”.

Hudson continues to inspire others with her positivity and kindness, and the Julian D. King Gift Foundation continues to give hope to thousands of children. The charity  hopes that someday these kids will be able to achieve their goals with their help.