A group of teenage boys decided to build a tiny house for a stranger as part of their  volunteer project in school. Henry Morissette, 17, is about to go into his senior year in Oregon Episcopal School which requires students to render hours of volunteer work to graduate. For the project, he led his team in building a tiny home for a homeless man in Dignity Village, a homeless camp in Portland, following the footsteps of his older brother who also built a tiny home for the homeless last year.

With housing problems in Portland being of a greater degree than in most other U.S. cities, the boys’ project in housing the homeless was a great idea. Fifty-six-year-old Ray Broaddus is the recipient of the teens’ tiny house project. He has been living in the Dignity Village for three years, in temporary huts infested with rats. He has been waiting to get a home in the village and almost got one last year. However, the home had stairs which was a big problem since having suffered from stroke year ago, he cannot climb them.  Finally, his wish of having a home was granted by teenage boys who delivered the 10-foot by 12-foot home, built by the boys themselves. Broaddus told the news team he could not believe he was finally getting a house. “I thought maybe somebody was playing a game on me,” he said. Broaddus, now holding the key to his new home, is very happy and grateful for what the boys have done. “The kids are awesome,” he said. “It feels good. It feels really good.”

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In an interview by KGV, 16-year-old Jack Morissette said, “When I saw the guy and him getting the house, it made me feel really great.” While Henry Morissette said, “It just seems not right that we walk down the street, and we see all these people who don’t have a house.

“I’m just really glad. I never thought I could help as much as I did. It’s really nice.”

Being young does not mean one cannot make a great contribution to society. These teenage boys have done something for the welfare of others with their project and have made such a big difference in someone’s life. Their story is just one of many that proves how the youth of today are not narcissistic millennials but a generation who has their own ways of making a difference.

For more on the Dignity Village, watch the video below: