Bernie Sanders, one of the most popular candidates to run for U.S. presidency in recent time, has finally conceded the Democratic nomination to former First Lady Hillary Clinton. But his supporters are not yielding; hundreds of protesters have walked out of the convention, Tulsi Gabbard delivered a widely cheered speech nominating Sanders, and Larry Sanders, brother of the Vermont senator, cast his vote for Bernie in a powerful moment that sent the whole convention weeping.

The heartbreaking moment began with Larry Sanders delivering a heartfelt tribute to his and Bernie’s parents. “They did not have easy lives and they died young… They loved the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt and would be especially proud that Bernard is renewing that vision.

“It is with enormous pride that I cast my vote for Bernie Sanders”

The declaration was followed by an overflowing of emotion across the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia as a visibly touched and shaken Bernie Sanders smiles from the bleachers, his Jane Sanders, teary-eyed, applauds by his side.

Watch the moment Larry Sanders cast his vote for Bernie Sanders below.

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Larry Sanders is a social worker and former Oxford lecturer who moved to Britain in 1968. He is a delegate of Democrats Abroad.

Bernie Sanders’ popularity was not enough to secure the nomination of the Democratic Party, which has been accused of rigging the whole electoral system in favor of Clinton. Accusations strengthened in the aftermath of the WikiLeaks dump of 20,000 emails proving, according to Sanders supporters, a conspiracy to block Sanders from winning the nomination.

Even Donald Trump, the GOP nominee for president, has accused the Democratic Party of favoritism towards Clinton, describing the system as rigged against Bernie Sanders.

He even suggested a third-party run for “Crazy Bernie” in May.