Innovation is in Paul Allen’s blood, and it extends far beyond his work in Microsoft, the tech giant he co-founded with Bill Gates.

He is funding a unique plan to house the homeless, and he’s spending $1 million to prove that providing homeless people with shelter need not costly and complicated.

According to Seattle Times, Allen will be funding a project of non-profit org Compass Housing Alliance to create 13 housing units for the homeless in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle. These are not typical housing units, however; the group will use a different construction model, steel modules, to create these houses.

These housing community will be “built with multiple boxlike modules lowered into place by a crane,” according to the Times. “The modules resemble shipping containers and the resulting one-story structures will look like portables,”

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Aside from the house structures, the soon-to-be-formerly homeless will have access to in-community support that will be provided by the non-profit organization helming the project.

These steel-module housing units cost a third of a regular, traditionally built house, according to Janet Pope, the executive director of Compass Housing Alliance. She adds praise to the project, saying that the units are a “dignified solution” that provides adequate housing to the homeless in Seattle.

Paul Allen is not new to philanthropy. Considered on of the most generous figures in the Valley, Allen, the 45th richest person in the world, has given $2 billion to scientific, environmental, and educational causes. He’s also given almost half a billion to 1,500 charities and non-profits since the formation of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, according to its website.

Paul Allen also owns the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trailblazers.