Mitt Romney recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and it was all sorts of funny.

No, there weren’t gaffes. Mitt Romney actually showcased his quick wit to the late-night host’s audience when he guested last week to discuss his current opinions on Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and the tumultuous turn of events in this year’s presidential elections.

Who knew the 2012 Republican presidential nominee couldĀ keep up with Kimmel and his audience’s comedic pace.

Although, it’s possible the material was already written for him (we’d like to think it’s not), Mitt has previously shown in other occasions how he can handle himself in scenarios that required a little bit of comedy.

It’s not Mitt Romney’s first foray into late-night hijinx. Last year he did a bit with Jimmy Fallon in one of his famous mirror conversation skits.

And Mitt even helped Stephen Colbert out when he was packing up to move to theĀ Late Show.

Finally, here’s Mitt Romney proving he has what it takes to enter the world of stand-up.

Wait, don’t forget the time he fought Evander Holyfield in the ring.

We’re just going to leave this here.