A Swiss-born man is spending $38.5 million to help the visually impaired across America gain access to better treatment.

Ernest Tschannen, 91, and an engineer who moved to Minneapolis in the ’50s, recently received a glaucoma treatment from one of the eye facilities at the University of California, Davis, according to CBS Sacramento. Extremely satisfied with his treatment, Tschannen decided to give back to the university, and the community, by donating $38.5 million, the largest donation ever received by UCD from a single individual.

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The donation will help the university’s research on eye diseases and will also benefit development of existing eye programs. It will also greatly contribute to the training of eye specialists in the university.

University of California, Davis gave Tschannen naming rights for a new eye facility that will be constructed in Sacramento, at the UC Davis Health System campus.

Just last month, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson honored Tschannen for his contributions to the city and greeted him a happy 91st birthday.

Last year, Tschannen also gave a whopping donation to another university, California State University, Sacramento State, writing them a check for $750,000 to build an events center. Here is Sacramento State president Robert S. Nelsen and basketball head coach Brian Katz honoring the generous philanthropist for his donation.