As the world rang in the new year, many took it upon themselves to — once again — make the new year’s resolution of hitting the gym or losing weight. Thus began the crazy diets and workout regimens people are getting into all in attempt to lose weight.

But over a week into the new year, one reality star is reminding the world one thing that is more important than achieving physical perfection: loving yourself. On January 10, Mar Ortiz of Lifetime’s Big Women: Big Love posted a full-body mirror selfie on Facebook after being told she was losing weight.

The comment surprised her. “Why does size matter?” Ortiz asked in her post. “Big or small… I love my handles!” she exclaimed.

She even declared, “I #celebratemysize everyday!” and added, “I love my curves and body.”

“If I want to lose weight it will be a personal choice and it shouldn’t  matter to anyone else but me,” she said.

The post has been liked over 100,00 times on Facebook and another 1,700 more on Instagram. As of writing, the post has been shared over 35,000 times on Facebook.

But as with most things on social media, Ortiz’s selfie of self-love has received both positive and negative responses, with some accusing her of promoting unhealthy lifestyle when she mentioned in her post that she eats “burger, fries and pizza like everyday.”

One commenter wrote, “I respect confidence but obese and overweight usually go hand in hand with health issues. When you are in the best shape you can be, you feel so much better about yourself, physically as well as mentally.”

“I find the nasty remarks and comments saying I’m unhealthy ridiculous,” Ortiz told Huffington Post. “You cannot judge a book by its cover.”

The reality star would also like to make it clear that she does not “glorify obesity.”  Cosmopolitan quoted the star for saying, “I glorify that I can wake up and be completely happy that I’m alive and I have been in shape and the way I feel about myself was no different than what I feel about myself today.”

As Huffington Post reported, Ortiz said she hopes she can “highlight the importance of body postivity for others struggling with self-love and help them transform society’s attitudes toward plus-size women.”

“My only hope is to help break barriers and that people will be less judgmental of plus-size women,” she said.

She reinforced her message of self-love later with another Instrgam post saying, “Ladies always love yourself! To hell with what anyone thinks!!! Here’s a non slutty post for you judge mental (sic) internet trolls.”

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[Featured Image is screenshot of Mar Ortiz’s Instagram]