Alice Cooper, most infamous for his decades-long involvement in the heavy metal music industry, didn’t exactly lead a clean life during his prime.

Cooper — in real life he’s named Vincent Damon Furnier — shocked worldwide audiences, fans and critics alike, when he incorporated gruesome acts onto the stage; fake guillotines, bloodied stages, murdering of baby dolls, and other stunts that enticed some and appalled others were commonplace in Cooper’s performances. A pioneer of shock rock, one act that made his mark in the music scene was the “chicken incident,” in which he reportedly sent a live chicken flying to the audience, only for the crowd to tear it up apart — alive. The aftermath was heard all over the world, and Cooper’s place in shock rock history had been made permanent.

And although the gimmicks were just that — gimmicks —  it sealed his reputation as that of the quintessential rock star in love with the macabre, whose notoriety on stage was followed by more notoriety in real life.

The rock star’s private life surpassed the wildness of his public persona. A notorious alcoholic, Alice Cooper suffered through bouts of alcohol-related diseases during the ’80s. It was even rumored that at the peak of his bout with alcoholism, Cooper drank two cases of Budweiser and a bottle of whiskey a day.

But thing took a dramatic turn when he rediscovered himself — and Christianity. He has never been one to profess his being a Christian publicly, but in recent times he has been more vocal about it. In an interview with the BBC in 2007, Cooper thanked God for “taking away” his problems with alcohol from him.

“I mean if He[God] can part the Red Sea and create the universe, He can certainly take alcoholism away from somebody”

Not only does Alice Cooper give a hearty shout-out to God for the miracle He has done in his life, but he also has some very nice things to say about His word. In an interview with the Independent, he declared that the Bible is the literal word of God — each and every word of it. Cooper also loves conducting Bible studies. He was once quoted saying, “I teach Bible study, I’m sort of a substitute.”

And if you thought things couldn’t get any better, Alice Cooper opened in 2006 a Christian non-profit center in Phoenix, Arizona, called Solid Rock Foundation that helps troubled kids, according to Christian Today.

Alice Cooper may have had a troubled past, but what is important is how he lives in the present.

[Image from Gage Skidmore/Flickr — CC BY-SA 2.0, Cropped and Resized]