Political rallies are hot, crowded, and uncomfortable.

And with some candidates drawing in as many as 20,000 people per rally, there’s bound to be a few people too sick or hungry to be in the crowd. But apparently, political fervor is stronger than any physical and mental weariness these supporters may feel.

Or not.

Sometimes the body just can’t, and despite excitement over their favorite politician’s passionate speeches about healthcare or tax reform, standing for hours in the midst of thousands of other sweaty supporters in an overly lit arena can take its toll.

And that’s what happened to multiple Obama supporters in 2012. As the president was discussing his energy policies, according to the New York Times, one woman fainted — Obama called the attention of medics and advised the crowd, “Remember next time, if you’re going to stand for a long time, you got to eat” — while another reportedly collapsed. Prior to that event, there had been many other cases of fainting during Obama’s speeches as well. One was in Nashua, where the president joked, “Folks do this all the time at my meetings.”

And in 2013, another Obama supporter, Karmel Allison, fainted while standing behind her president, who had been giving a speech about healthcare. Here’s a video from The Telegraph.

Obama, ever-so-smoothly, caught the lady, who has diabetes and was pregnant at the time, before she landed on the floor. The president quipped, “This happens when I talk to long.”

Faint-fests died down for a while after that, until this election season — one of the most intriguing in U.S. political history.

And the diverse set of candidates for the U.S. presidential elections guarantee for different reactions to fainting supporters. GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s reaction to one fainting supporter was not exactly as cool as Obama’s, weirdly commenting that his best fans are the ones that faint. Yeah, we don’t get it either.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand,  probably has the most genuine and human reaction to fainting supporters out of all politicians. Watch this clip of a very worried Bernie as he rushed towards a supporter who fainted at the left end of the stage.

A week later, another Sanders supporter really — and forgive us for the lazy overuse of this cliche — “felt the bern” when she fainted during another Bernie event, nearly hitting her head on the podium. Again, the Vermont senator was one of the first responders.

And yet another Bernie Sanders fainter. This one last week.

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