Drinkers are people who are engulfed by a mist of well, mystery. No, they aren’t always the people sitting alone sipping on their booze (though the stereotype has been perpetuated in this way), they are also the people you see with the handful of friends, laughing and telling stories — the seemingly average Joe, so to speak. And since it’s difficult to tell, this is what makes them “mysterious.”

Now, here is where I’d like to classify two kinds of drinkers — those who enjoy the effects of alcohol but dislike the taste, and those who like both the taste and influence. The former, I believe, are social drinkers. They don’t normally drink by themselves and don’t drink on a regular basis but when they do, they bloom into social butterflies. When you see them they’re always doing something; making people laugh or simply being the catalyst to an exciting drinking game. On the other hand, the latter refers to those who enjoy their own company and nice glass of their favorite liquor, made just the way they like it. These people are the drinkers who mystery finds more comfort with. They’re more low-profile than their social counterparts and are usually quiet with a lot on their minds. They can get pretty social as well, but can be choosy when it comes to company. Though both types deviate from others by being your regular human, certain aspects of their personality are accentuated because of their habit of drinking liquor.

Before I get reprimanded for promoting dating a drinker even with alcohol’s health risks, I would like to add that most drinkers consume alcohol in moderation. And by moderation, it means that no person should drink more than two per day.

With that said, who doesn’t like a man or woman of passion and mystery? Though as uncanny as alcohol is for a passion, I liken what liquor is to a drinker, food is to a food critic — but not the snooty kind. Drinkers emanate an aura that draw one to their personal gravity. So, if you were to date someone, why not add a drinker to your list?

Here are five perfectly good reasons why you should date a person who likes drinking:

1.) They get out often – A person who likes to drink are either found in or outside their homes. It doesn’t matter whether they prefer to stay at home and sip a fine glass of their favorite booze, they won’t deny that their drinking has gotten themselves around town or possibly away from it. They know the best places to go to eat, drink, or explore for a classic walking and talking. So there’s really no need to worry bout where to go when there’s everywhere!

2.) They know people – One doesn’t have to drink alcohol to be social but dating a drinker ensures that they know people since they’ve drank with them once or a few times. Though the relationship drinkers share with their acquaintances isn’t always deep, it’s pretty solid. They’re bound to greet each other on sight and exchange a few stories. This open you to their group of friends. If they bring you to meet them, they’re definitely thinking about taking it seriously with you. Not to mention that you get to have yourself a good time with new people. Their friends becomes yours as well. Furthermore, knowing more people helps in the job hunt. Win-win!

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3.) You get the truth out of them – Drinkers are vocal, especially under the influence. They love to speak their minds. Alcohol allows people to be in touch with their emotions. It also makes one more daring in doing things and speaking. This tends to carry over to a drinker’s daily life and in turn, makes them prone to honesty. Sober or not (though preferably not), you’ll get the truth out of them.

4.) Their experiences make great stories – There’s hardly a dull moment with a drinker. The way they tell stories are always enthralling. You can liken them to bards from fantasy- with each word they spin their story with, you find yourself deeper inside their beings sharing the same emotions they felt at the time. Drinkers tell tales with conviction and most of all, gusto. The best part of it all? You could be the next hero in their story. New experiences await you both!

5.) They are mysterious – I’ve stressed this already but it’s important to know when you want to date a drinker. It doesn’t matter whether if it’s the social butterfly or the quiet intellectual, drinkers are veiled in mystery. Behind each sip is an amazing or dreadful experience. This is the absolute X factor to which why we should date drinkers. We won’t know what got them into drinking and how they’ve come to appreciate alcohol in their own manner unless we ask. They always have a story to tell and they’re just waiting for someone to ask- I guarantee that. And with that we become the helpless moths to their wild passionate flame.

I feel that drinkers find themselves smack dab in the middle between what is good and what is bad. Though liking alcohol sometimes has “badass” and “bad decisions” written all over it, they manage to nonchalantly wave this away and do what they do best: live life and have a few drinks. So why not live a little and drink a little? Date a drinker! After all, great stories never start with an iced tea.