Counting sheep has never been more captivating.

YouTube channel Cater Clips uploaded last week a very satisfying video of hundreds of sheep moving across a field somewhere in New Zealand.

Taken by pilot and photographer Tim Whitaker, the video gives us a never-before-seen bird’s-eye view footage of sheep being herded across New Zealand’s grasslands. The result is a captivating video of sheep moving in a uniformly manner.

But what explains the intriguing behavior behind these sheep?

According to Sheep 101, sheep have a tendency to follow the sheep in front of them (thus the overused biblical metaphor). “When one sheep decides to go somewhere, the rest of the flock usually follows, even if it is not a good ‘decision,'” wrote the website.

But usually they are guided by “herding dogs,” employed by shepherds to keep the sheep in order. These dogs can be seen above silently guiding the flock of sheep (look for the tiny, brown dots).

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