When we take someone’s photo while they’re fast asleep passed out — whether it’s a friend, a partner, a college buddy you’re burning the midnight oil with or partying all night with — it is not usually in the most flattering circumstance. And when we’re at the receiving end of such unflattering photos we just want the other person to do whatever it takes to make sure such photo never existed.

But in a rare moment of expression of pure love, Imgur user chickenismurder told the world wide web how proud he is of his girlfriend in the most adorable sleep-creep to go viral.

On Sunday, January 10, the Imgur user posted a photo of his girlfriend Eva fast asleep on a bed with textbooks, notebooks, and a laptop in the foreground.

“This is how I found her tonight,” he wrote in his caption.

Right in the feels

In the caption he writes that his 38-year old partner just started her second quarter of college. He goes on to express how proud he is by saying she raised her kids (who are 15 and 10 years old) on her own and how she was the victim of two domestic violence cases.

“I’m so proud of this woman I could burst,” he gushed..

And it seems that wedding bells will soon be ringing for this two. “We went wedding ring shopping earlier today and I think I’m ready to make the best decision of my life,” he revealed in his caption.

The photo received much support in the comments section. “Sounds like she finally found someone she deserves,” wrote one Imgur user.

“Posts like this restore my faith in people,” commented another user. “Treat her good . . . A good woman is something to treasure.”

“Smart hard working chicks are friggin best,” said one.

Another posted this comment: “Where can I find one like you?”

Meanwhile, others have come forward with their personal stories.

User Kylorenmom said, “I am a cancer survivor, a newly wed, have 2 children. I recently started college an (sic) feel defeated sometimes by our finances. I admire her.”

Some comments on Imgur

Some comments on Imgur

“As a 25 year old woman who never finished college the 1st time because of an abusive ex… re-starting college tom.. this hits me in da feels,” shared another.

The touching post was even picked up as a story by BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, and MTV among others.

“This woman profoundly inspires me and it sounds like she has many of you,” he later wrote when the post went viral.