With the image of the police usually vilified and rendered disheartening in today’s mainstream media, one can only imagine the morale of our uniformed officers who continue to serve for the greater good.

“It makes me really sad,” says an affected Jeremie Bordua in an interview with CBS News. According to reports, the 10-year-old had always believed that there is goodness to be found in the police force, despite the recent riots directed against police brutality.

And so he made it a point to show other people that the goodness is there to remain.

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In an interview with WILX, Jeremie said he had the idea to throw a thank you party for police because he identifies with the struggles of the officers in blue. “I’ve been bullied so I know how they feel,” he tells them. “I just wanted to show them I still appreciate them, and I still believe in them.”

When Marcella, his mother, told him raising money for the party was a difficult task, Jeremie struck a deal to replace his upcoming birthday party with a celebration for the police instead. Moved by her son’s sincerity, she and her son baked cookies to raise money all summer long. National news picked the story up, and donations started to pour in.

After 9 months, Jeremie, along with the help of the Lansing Police department and the local scool district, had been able to raise $10,000.

On February 12, Jeremie was awarded “Officer of the Day”, complete with his own uniform and badge, and got to take pictures with the local police department. “He tapped into something huge,” said Michelle Bryant with the Lansing Police Department. “It was very uplifting and it did start to improve morale.” “He’s really, really going above and beyond and helping us. He’s not being a bystander he’s making a difference” said Officer James Revell.

“This 10-year-old can bring a whole country together in a supporting way” said Chief Yankowski of Lansing Police.