Sometimes, all it takes to land your way into success is to just roll the dice. At other times, you don’t even have to do anything at all.

27-year-old bread hawker, Olajumoke Orisaguna, was casually going through her roundabout day before she even realized that she was on her way to stardom. All she wanted to do was deliver a package to the local bakery and come home to tending to her two children.

In a fashion shoot intended for singer and songwriter, Tinie Tempah, the woman unknowingly waltzed in and stole the spotlight, oblivious to the cameras and crew bustling along her journey to Lagos, Nigeria. As the shutter clicked, all that followed was a series of viral photos, and eventually her face on the covers of Style Magazine.

A well-received Instagram post from Ty Bello, the photographer, narrates this story of grasses to grace:

“Olajumoke a bread hawker from the Sabo market bakery, walked entirely by coincidence unto our set of our Thisday style shoot for [Tinie Tempah]. The moment didn’t look special at all. If anything she stood there a little confused.”

According to Ty Bello, his team was going through behind-the-scene photos when he stumbled upon the beauty captured in that moment. He described her story as a happy accident.

“Everyone has been asking if this lady is a model… It was just perfect coincidence,” he says. “She just happened to be walking by while I photographed. It happened so fast […] I had in fact, underestimated the beauty of this woman. […] It was her eyes and of course her perfectly chiseled features that jumped out at you when she chuckled. This lady belonged in front of my camera.” And when he realized that he had found his muse, he knew he had to track her down.

OLAJUMOKE ORISGUNA : GRACE ( part 3) During the course of the day, @emaedosio who was making a short documentary about the process had asked her what she really wanted to do . 'Ka ma kiri Buredi ko suwon ' she explained that bread hawking wasn't the most profitable business but put enough food on her table . It also put a roof over a head .. Howbeit a roof she shared with scores of other hawkers . She was a trained hairdresser back in Osun state but her family could not afford the necessarily 'freedom ' ceremony ; a passing out ritual that gives a trainee a sometimes unwritten permission to start a full fledged salon . We all decided that the make over would be incomplete if it ended at the studio . Every one started to reach out to their contacts and through Bimpe we were able to get her a meeting with Ugo the pioneer of Make-me salon . As a result of the buzz she generated from the Thisday cover Our model is now close to starting an internship at @makemesalon and has been offered a additional internship with @sarisignature a famous Lebanese owned salon on the island island . To pay Jumoke her model fee from her first job in front of the camera we called @_ujumarshall one of Nigeria's And matched her fees .She's been offered a modelling contract with the help of @godsonukaegbu from a @fewmodels .She's also had @payporte reach out to her to be model on their next billboard campaign . This is clearly only the beginning of another chapter in Jumoke's story . Though it seems accidental it s clearly Devine . Just this morning ,mentor of mine offered to foot the bill for her accommodation ,education as well as her child's .. This finally makes it possible to be finally reunited with her husband and older child .

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After finally agreeing to do more poses for the camera, Orisaguna now sits pretty in a hired service car after signing in to local modelling agency called Few Models. She graces the photoshoots with her stellar smile that has not lost its luster, and her eyes remain as glimmering as she carries newfound dreams and hope for both of her children.