Super Bowl, for the football fan, is the ultimate sporting event. Last year it was watched by 114 million people, according to CBS Sports, making it one of the biggest athletic events in the history of mankind.

But for the average watcher, football isn’t the star of Super Bowl. For some, it’s the halftime performance — this year we have Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga headlining the musical performances — and for others, it’s the commercials. We’ve had a fair share of funny and witty commercials, but rarely do we come by a commercial that is as heartwarming as Pantene recently launched for the athletic event.

In the commercials, Pantene enlisted a number of NFL players to give their daughters a “Dad-Do,” wherein these Super Bowl athletes attempt to braid their daughters’ hair. The result? Sweet dad-and-daughter bonding!

In the video embedded above, we see DeAngelo Williams, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, give her daughter’s hair a twisted pigtails hairstyle. Precious moment between the football player and his daughter ensues!

See other sweet Pantene Super Bowl commercials below, starring Benjamin Watson and Jason Witten.