Social media is littered with crazy cat netizens who share memes and vemes of cats who “can haz cheeseburger” and so-called “celebrity” felines like Grumpy Cat. But how many have actually used social media as a platform to help other cats who need homes and better lives?

Lucky for six-year old Lacey, who spent most of her life in a shelter in Oregon, the power of social media helped her find a home, as reported by Life With Cats.

After being found in a landfill when she was only about a year old, pregnant, and covered in mites and fleas, Lacey was brought to Florence Area Humane Society in Oregon. She spent three years there and even gave birth to kittens, all of which were adopted but not her.

Lacy was later sent to Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon, in the hopes of finding adoptive homes for her. “The shelter tried placing Lacey in a variety of environments,” Paige Cerulli of Life With Cats reports. “But she didn’t relax into the shelter environment.”

Cerulli’s report said she began to develop stress-related issues like nipping and swatting during visits with potential adopters, which kept her from finding a new potential home.

This, however, didn’t stop the Cat Adoption Team. As Life With Cats reported, “They included Lacey in promotions, and even waived her adoption fee to encourage an adopter to bring her home.” And when a shelter opened, Lacey changed — her health and personality improved.

The Cat Adoption Team then shares Lacey’s story on their website which was in turn shared on social media. Lacey’s story eventually reached Brittany Chandler of Beaverton, Oregon, who quickly adopted the cat. Chandler herself has rescued several other homeless animals.

Lacey is one of many examples of the way social media has become an effective platform in the advocacy of animal rescue and adoption. Other projects that have social media presence include The Shelter Pet Project, Pets 911,, and Let’s Adopt.

Lacey’s story is a reminder not just of the “adopt don’t shop” advocacy but also of adopting adult homeless animals who need homes just as much as the young ones do. Hers is also a story that reminds us of the positive power of social media which can help find homes for hundreds of other abandoned animals the way it did for Lacey.

[Image via cloudzilla/Wikimedia Commons]