Keeping kids safe is a top priority for every parent, but for those who have children with autism the task demands extra vigilance.

Lucky for these families there is AngelSense, a GPS and voice-monitoring solution designed exclusively for children with special needs. Its co-founder, Doron Somer, is a father with a son diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or ASD.

According to Upworthy, the company launched its First Responder Alert on January 21. This “gives parents the ability to broadcast an emergency alert to a predefined group of trusted people in case a child wanders off.”

“We have made it our mission to prevent, or at the very least limit, the potentially disastrous effects of this behavior,” Doron said. “During an emergency, every minute is crucial, and the first hour is often critical in determining if the child will be found.”

Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention say that an estimate of 1 in 68 children in America has been identified with ASD, which is higher than their previous estimate of 1 in 88.

Among the major concerns of families living with children with ASD is that these children tend to wander, with some cases ending tragically.

With the First Responder Alert app, parents can save precious time for the app “sends an instant push notification with the child’s location to a predetermined team to begin rescue mission.”

The app’s life-saving purpose proved itself during the beta-testing in late 2015 when the life of a 17-year old boy with autism was saved when the NYPD was alerted of his location.

According to the New York Daily News, Lency Nunez, mother of the 17-year old, called AngelSense, “which tasked three mothers of autistic children to help find Hanzel (Nunez’s son).”

“If he didn’t have this device . . . I didn’t know what I would have told them, just, ‘My son is gone and I can’t find him,” Nunez said.

Hanzel isn’t the only kid AngelSense has helped. Other children have also been helped by the device, which is the only device designed for children with sensory sensitivities “attached to the inner part of the child’s pants pocket and can only be removed by a parent with a special magnet key.”

Furthermore, the device “learns the child’s daily schedule and lets parents see their child’s route and locations during the whole day in a user-friendly format.” Parents are alerted if the child visits an unexpected location.

The service also comes with a customer care team that would know what the device’s users are going through.

“Our entire customer care team is comprised of parents with autistic children,” Doron said. “That allows them to have a flexible schedule with the ability to work from home.”

A cure for autism may not be available just yet, but thanks to Doron and his team, families who deal with autism have an added ease and peace of mind.

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