Stories of heroism aren’t always superheroes beating bad guys nor are they always about rescuing that family from a raging fire. Many of them are simply narratives about courage- the most prevailing theme in every superhero story. It is not entirely the way they succeed that draws us to them; it is how they manage to get right back on their feet after failure that intrigue us. Their attitude in the face of distress is what makes them heroes.

And so our tale to inspire begins with a young boy, unaware of what he will soon become…

A hero.

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Max Levy is your regular fun-loving 5-year-old. He’s got toys, a nice home, and most importantly, a loving family. Unfortunately, two years before, young Max was diagnosed with a blood disorder called hemophilia A, according to Daily Mail. In order for him to receive medical treatments for his disease easier, Max was required to have a metal plate surgically implanted on his chest. And all this happened when he was just 3. Yet his father, Dan Levy, had the most brilliant idea to make his son feel better about his condition. Dan told his boy he was going to be like one of Marvel’s iconic heroes, Iron Man.

According to Dan, the thought had occurred to him just days after he watched the movie “Iron Man” with his son. Of course, Max responded with a child’s luminous enthusiasm.

Thus, “Iron Max” was born!

Very soon, Max’s parents were beginning to update his son’s condition at the hospital with #IronMax on their Twitter. Furthermore, Max’s sister, Zoe, created calendars to support her brother and the other kids afflicted with hemophilia. Calendar sales had caused Zoe to raise more than $7,000.

When people from the comic company Marvel heard what was going on, they immediately contacted Dan and told him that his son was going to be in a comic, according to NBC News. The father then broke into tears and said that his son deserved to be a hero. And so the guys at Marvel did just that.

The comic of Max came out on December 2 and there was a picture of the boy at the back to support those who share his condition. It featured him meeting Iron Man and in that issue, Max was given his very own armor designed by the famous Avenger! Not to mention they get to fight off the evil Doctor Doom!

Max responded positively with what happened. He said it was very cool being in a comic. In addition, he gave encouragement to the other kids like him who wanted to be superheroes.

Well, Max, you will always be more than just a hero in a comic book. You’ve taught us all to be brave. Our hearts go to Marvel for doing such a charitable deed, your family who will forever support you, and you, dear child, will always be the world’s Iron Max.