It’s the season for warm blankets, snow fights, and hot cups of hot chocolate. This is a comfort many of us are used to, but not all of us get to have.

But thanks to the generosity of a group in Cleveland, Ohio, those in need are given coats during this harsh winter weather.

This group is the Giving Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Renina Black in 2009. The organization focuses mostly on youth development, but that is not all that they do.

“We’ve done a variety of things throughout the year, the Christmas season and the New Year. So at this point, we’re really just trying to give back to the community,” Jae Allen told Fox 8. “We have a Christmas coat drive and we have some excess coats, so we figured we’d go out and distribute them to the homeless.”

The Fox report said the coats–which come in different sizes and styles–were originally donated to the group by the Burlington Coat Factory.

“We probably have a little over a 100, but since the coat drive started, we’ve probably distributed about 400 coats,” said Allen. He also said the group plans to give away all the coats.

Allen and Black are accompanied by youth volunteers of the group during these drives, who help by being in charge of keeping the boxes organized. Meanwhile, Allen and Black talk to the people who may be in need of a coat.

Black said the organization is “more than grateful to be able to do this for [those in need].”

“I’m just the kind of person that would give my last to someone that really needs it more than I do, so whatever I can do to help,” she said.  “This is my team here and they’re great. We all have the same kind of heart to help people and we’re all just out here trying to help keep them warm.”

The Giving Life Foundation aims “to strengthen the character of youth and those who may be experiencing difficulties dealing with physical or mental disabilities” and to “help youth raise their overall self-image through wellness, self development, and educational programs.”

The foundation isn’t the only one with open hearts during the frigid weather.

In a report by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Flash Teeth Whitening in Vinings, Atlanta through its general manager Kacy Thomas hosted a blanket and coats drive for MUST Ministries, a volunteer-driven organization that addresses the basic needs of individuals, families and children in eight counties.

There is also 12-year-old Makenna Breading-Goodrich, whose initiative Makenna’s Coats for a Cause shows that one can never be too young to make a difference.