The impoverished and homeless are unfortunate targets for sicknesses. Without proper healthcare and the inability to afford basic medicinal consumables, they are more likely to contract dangerous diseases than the average working person. There are currently about 30-40 street dwellers living in downtown Easton, Pennsylvania alone. In the area around Lehigh Valley, United States, which Easton is a part of, there’s approximately 800-1000 homeless. That’s a lot of people without food and medicine. But that doesn’t stop local medical practitioner and hero, Brett Feldman, from saving the poor from the vile clutches of disease, according to WFMZ.

Brett Feldman is a 34-year-old physician assistant from Allentown, Pennsylvania, according to Lehigh Valley Live, and is one of the few medical experts who take their profession to the streets. Meaning, they give free healthcare to the poor people without any homes. To name a few of those accompanying Brett in his charitable mission is Nurse Laura Lacroix and Veteran’s Outreach head Bob Rapp.

For two days every week, Brett moves his office to the streets of Lehigh Valley to treat those who need his expertise. From Easton to Allentown and to Bethlehem, Brett makes sure that every homeless person in Lehigh Valley receives treatment. However, as a physician assistant, he still needs supervision from a doctor before he can prescribe any medicine and treatment to a patient. Nevertheless, for nine years, Brett has been the director of Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Street Medicine program and he’s absolutely happy with what he’s doing with his life.

Before Brett began his philanthropic endeavors, he was simply a volunteer in shelters. One day when he was still starting out in his career, a homeless person said something to him that would alter his life for the better: “I used to be somebody”. It was a tough pill to swallow and it devastated Brett. So from that point onward, he vowed to make every poor person feel like a regular human being. He considers homelessness debasing because according to him, it forces people to lead very depressing lifestyles- sleeping where no one should and eating what no one should.

Another reason why these underprivileged people don’t receive any form of healthcare is due to their lack of insurance, transportation, and trust on medical experts. Since his clinics are for free, he makes sure to come back to the places he’s come from to build rapport between him and his patients.

In addition to treating ailments of the impoverished, Brett refers them to social workers so that they can receive government-subsidized phones or photo ID’s so they may search for jobs and start anew.

To give thanks and say that Brett has changed the lives of many doesn’t feel enough for what he’s done. Yet, we’re sure he thinks otherwise. It is because of humble and benevolent souls like Brett Feldman that our faith in humanity is being restored.

Watch WFMZ‘s feature on Feldman and his work below:

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[Image via Jim Fischer/Flickr/CC BY 2.0]