As children, our imaginations have urged us to don bath towels as capes to save our family from the clutches of villainy. Even as kids, costumed or not, we learned to defend our loved ones from harm and this sense of protection remains when we grow older. But the bath towel capes don’t always stay. We soon begin to find out that superheroes aren’t just the people we see in movies and comics. They come in the form of firemen, scientists, philanthropists, and most especially, our parents. Though our moms and dads never possessed Superman’s colossal strength, their ability to work hard to keep food on the table while finding time for the family is just as incredible. Who needs superhuman strength when our parents can carry us until the time we carry them?

Apparently, Charlotte Heffelmire does.

Heffelmire, a 19-year-old U.S. Air Force Academy student from Virginia, managed to find the strength to lift a truck and save her father then proceeded to rescue the rest of her family from a raging fire. Though that line sounded like it was ripped off from the script of a superhero film, it definitely was not. I tell you that what Charlotte did is all true. This is what happened exactly:

Eric Heffelmire, father of Charlotte, was working on his GMC truck when it fell on his shoulder, causing him to get stuck. A few moments after, he began to smell the pungent scent of gasoline and suddenly, a fire had broken out. Luckily for Eric, Charlotte was home during this incident. When our young heroine finally saw her dad, according to her, everything else that followed was simply unexplainable.

Watch the video below about Charlotte from USA Today.

She proceeded to lift the truck off her father then pulled him out to safety. Immediately after, she went inside the burning vehicle and drove it on three wheels out of the garage to prevent their house from catching fire. Then Charlotte calmly walked inside the house to evacuate her family while first picking up her sister’s baby.

To add a little more flare to this burning sensation of a story, following her 911 call, Charlotte attempted to extinguish the flames bursting from the garage with a garden hose.

It is with joyous relief to say that our dear heroine, Charlotte Heffelmire, is recovering from a few burns and injuries. For her valiant deed, she has been awarded a Citizen Lifesaving Award by the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, according to Metro.

So, who needs to read comics for action-packed stories when you can also read the news?

[Featured image from USA Today/YouTube]