People these days are coming up with out-of-the-box ways to seal the deal when it comes to taking the next step in their relationships. From flash mobs to secret selfies, creativity is the name of the game.

And for Imgur user Jarvicious, going DIY is the way to say “I am ready to take the next level.” He is also being dubbed the Ron Swanson IRL.

He’s earning the moniker after his Imgur post showing how he “shaped a piece of copper from a tarnished scrap into a stunning expression of love and commitment” has gone viral.

Engagement Ring V 1.0

This was no endeavor he got right on the first try. In a story by Cosmoplitan, he said he set up a miniature jewelry laboratory at his workbench while he practiced his ring-making skill. It might have helped that he “toyed with jewelry and small metal artistry in college” over a decade ago.

He managed to pull this off while his girlfriend was out at night class and internship. “It got exhausting coming home from work, unpacking all this crap, blowing through a couple of steps, cleaning up and making dinner,” he wrote on Imgur.

He was able to keep the process a secret from his girlfriend, but the documented process was open to anyone who found his Imgur page.

To get her ring size, he snuck her favorite ring to measure with. And after a few tries, he finally came up with THE ring. Except for the stone setting and the half carat Moissanite, the ring is completely handmade.

It took a lot of time and effort and a dash of secrecy, but the entire project wasn’t very costly. The finished ring cost only $180 to make, $300 if you consider the practice materials. But there’s not a price you can put on the thought, effort, and commitment he put into making the ring.

It was a frugal move on his part as well. He said, “considering the state of our remodeled house at the moment and the fact that she’s still in school I felt it prudent to think frugally.”

Anyone who wishes to pull off the same gesture can learn from the detailed Imgur post. But mind you, jewelry making is not for the impatient, as he warns in his photo captions.

The effort wasn’t in vain. His girlfriend said yes and the two are said to be planning to elope in New Orleans.

“She digs it,” he wrote. “If we get direct sunlight in a window the thing is shiny enough she can screw with the dogs.”

[Featured image from ilovebutter/Flickr/CC BY 2.0]