Gather up your squad and prepare to learn from two canines on how to step up your #FriendshipGoals.

Meet Lottie the border collie and Grizzly the German shepherd from Sudbury, Ontario. These two have been melting the internet’s hearts just by simply being their adorable selves.

The two first caught the affection of social media when a video of Lottie hugging best friend Grizzly has been shared over 500,000 from Lottie’s Facebook page and viewed over 23 million times.

The hug, by the way, is a trick that didn’t need to be taught to them by their human, Taylor Duguay. They’ve been taught several tricks but cuddling is one they learned on their own.

“Lottie sort of did it on her own,” Duguay told the Daily Mail about the trick. “At first Grizzly wasn’t sure what was going on. Now when I ask her who her best friend is, you can even catch Grizzly getting ready for the hug and leaning into her.”

Duguay also said the bond between the two is real despite their differences. Lottie is a trained show dog while Grizzly is a rescue dog. Lottie was adopted at four months old. Grizzly then joined the family one year later after being rescued from the streets at just seven weeks old.

“Lottie and Grizzly have been inseparable since day one,” Duguay said in an interview with BuzzFeed Canada. “Lottie truly believes Grizzly is her own puppy.”

Like most human best friends, these canine best buddies enjoy going on adventures together. They even enjoy going on hikes, one of their favorite activities together.

When the two do not spend every waking hour together, they sleep side by side as well, Duguay told Inside Edition.

“Even simply while we watch TV you can find Grizzly and Lottie grooming each other or else cuddling up close for a nap,” Duguay said about her dogs.

When not spending time with Grizzly, Lottie enters into competitions and dog sports such as Frisbee, dock diving and dog sledding. She’s also been taught over 250 tricks by Duguay.

“Lottie loves nothing more than performing for crowds,” Duguay said. “It makes her so excited.”

But Grizzly seems to be catching up on the tricks-learning. As Duguay told Inside Edition, “Grizzly gives Lottie a run for her money, he’s just as smart, just as fast and they make an amazing team.”

Dogs may be man’s best friends, but who knew they could also be each other’s best friend?

[Featured image from Lottie/Facebook]