With one personal health decision, David Dennis Jr. is hoping to hit two birds with one stone.

The 29-year-old father from Atlanta spoke to ABC News to talk about his decision to undergo vasectomy later this month.

One of the biggest reasons he has decided to undergo the procedure is so that he can take care of his three-year-old son, who is on the autism spectrum.

His son Langston was diagnosed in October 2014 a little after his second birthday.

Doctors have told Dennis and his wife Krystalyn that the likelihood of having another child on the spectrum was higher.

In a series of tweets, Dennis explained that he and his wife will focus on getting Langston the best care instead of having more children.

Dennis would like to be clear that his son’s autism is not the sole or the biggest reason for their decision.

“We just need to provide the utmost care and to make sure he gets what he needs,” he told ABC News I don’t want to shortchange my son.”

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that parents of a child with autism have a 2-18 percent chance of having a second child autism.”

The couple is exhausting all efforts to provide care for Langston by talking with therapists and their insurance company. Their son is currently in 30 hours of Autism Behavior Therapy for which they spend $700 a month. They also spend approximately another $700 per month for daycare.

But beyond focusing on Langston, Dennis believes there is “a stigma about men and vasectomies that we need to break.”

In a tweet, he said “the burden is so much on women to keep themselves from getting pregnant and the things they go through are way worse than vasectomies.”

The procedure is “a 45 minute non-evasive procedure that is relatively cheap and nobody has to be on any meds or surgery,” he explained in another tweet.

“I’ve always wanted another child,” he told ABC News. “We’re just not in the place where we think that’s the right thing to do.”

Aside from taking care of Langston, the couple is also have a 10-year old daughter, Madalyn.

Dennis’ procedure is scheduled on January 29 and he said he’ll be live tweeting during the procedure.

[Image by lisa sorensen/Flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0]