Eleven-year-old Hector Montoya, from Texas, is donating smoke detectors to those in need. He aspires to be a firefighter someday and has been collecting smoke detectors since he was 9 years old. The idea of donating smoke detectors started when he heard a news about a mother and daughter who lost their lives in a house fire, in Forth Worth Texas, the house having no smoke detectors. Hearing about the sad news, Montoya used the money he has been saving for a PlayStation 4  to buy alarm systems instead and donating them to families in Texas who do not have fire alarms in their homes.

“People shouldn’t lose their life in a fire because of not having a smoke detector,” Montoya said.

He continues donating fire alarms to needy families with the help of sponsors such as Kidde, the largest manufacturer of fire safety products and local retailers, and with the help and support of his relatives. Hector has donated over 6,000 smoke detectors to families across Texas.

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He has recently donated 125 smoke detectors to his local fire department and this boy’s act of kindness has been recently recognized, being awarded with a fire academy scholarship. The city officials are thankful for his actions and greatly appreciate the generosity of the young boy. Montoya hopes to help more families by aiming to reach over 10,000 donations by the end of the year.

“My slogan is, ‘One life lost in a fire without a smoke detector is one life lost too many,’ ” he said.

He is scheduled to be recognized by Texas legislature next year and the recognition for his generosity and kindness just keeps coming. This young boy’s mission to help save families from house fires is truly inspiring.

Watch this video from the DeSoto City YouTube channel to learn more about Hector Montoya.