Prince Harry is using his war-zone pilot skills to help relocate endangered elephants in Malawi to Nkhotakota reserve in Africa. The Prince has teamed up with the 500 Elephants Project, the largest elephant translocations program in conservation history, and is taking on the role of a spotter flying his helicopter. He is helping the crew herd the elephants into a safe shooting range to be safely tranquilized and moved to the reserve by cranes and trucks. Prince Harry was able to help relocate 262 elephants safely and also helped in putting up safety fences in Nkhotakota reserve to secure the elephants. The Prince has managed to make his participation low key and is fitting in with the crew pretty well.

“He is amazing and down to earth. He is very social but a respectable gentleman. We ate together at the camp and we camped in the same grounds – this is unique for someone of his status,” Patricio Ndadzela, country director for the nonprofit conservation body African Parks in Malawi, said to People.

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Prince Harry has always had conservation of wildlife close to his heart. He has been part of saving rhinos in Kruger National Park and has worked with vets to track lions in Palmwag Reserve. Locals of Malawi highly appreciate the Prince’s efforts in the project.

One Malawi local shared, “Prince Harry, a royal prince, has brought us all these elephants, and he’s here to make them feel at home.”

Members of the organization hope that the Prince’s support and participation with the movement can raise more awareness and gain support from others to further make the project successful.

“He is someone who wants to help and do things to help African wildlife survive,” says Ndadzela.

While others share their sentiment in protecting the wildlife, Prince Harry puts his into action and continues to protect and save wildlife up close.