It’s no secret that the poor attain lower levels of education than the general population, and this is the current case in Latin America. More Latin Americans are living in poverty than 20 years ago, despite the region’s economic growth. Majority of the poor remain illiterate or barely literate.  The literacy rate in Brazil  is 92.6 percent; however, the literacy rates in Brazil varies per state, from  97 percent in Distrito Federal to 77 percent in Alagoas. Children in poor areas also have lesser opportunities to learn and have lesser access to instructional materials. This is the reason that inspired a 12-year old girl to open a library in her village.

Twelve-year old Maria Clara spearheaded a campaign to collect books to empower literacy in her impoverished village, Povoado de Serrote, in northeast Brazil. Through a donation drive, she was able to collect enough books to open a small public library in an abandoned office that used to provide phone service to nearby towns, according to Good News Network.

The library is a big step in improving literacy and providing more resources to students in the village, and what is more amazing is that it was through the brilliant idea and passion of a young girl who is making sure she makes an impact through promoting literacy.