The famous proverb goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonades.” That is exactly what 25-year-old Jenny Ly did after her wedding got called off. Ly got engaged to her boyfriends for five years and was ready to get married last August 7. Unfortunately, the two decided to cancel the wedding due to some problems in their relationship.

She told TODAY, “It got to a point where we were constantly bickering.” She added, “Other things going on in our lives did not work well with the issues we already had … People say once you get married, those issues only get worse.”

After calling off the wedding a few weeks prior to their wedding date, Ly gave back the rings and tried to settle payments they had for the wedding; however, most of their deposits were non-refundable.

“I was locked in a contract for the venue and had to pay for it anyway,” she said. “I began thinking about other things I could do … Everyone was saying just throw a huge party, but I wanted something good to come out of it.”

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Thankfully, attending a Relay for Life event a week after the canceled wedding helped her come up with a great idea. According to Ly, she has attended the same events when she was in nursing school and has experienced losing relatives from cancer, and that inspired her to host a fundraiser for cancer in the supposed-to-be wedding venue. She reached out Relay for Life to plan the event and were helped by her relatives and friends to advertise the event and sell tickets.

“I could have just cried myself to sleep every night,” Ly said, “But I’m trying to turn this bad situation into something else.”

The fundraiser was held last August 28 and they named the fundraising event “Lemons to Lemonade,” inspired by Beyoncé’s latest album, and they were able to raise over $3,000 for the organization.

Ly has truly made lemons out of lemonades and turned her disappointing experience into something great through charity. With all the disappointments and obstacles we face in life, her story shows us that however bad it may be, we can make something positive out of it.