While most fraternities are known for holding big parties, fraternity members of Phi Gamma Delta, from University of Central Arkansas are staying active in giving service to others.

Six members of the said UCA fraternity carried DeAsia Romes, who suffers from cerebral palsy, all the way up Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock by giving her a piggyback ride. Senior members Benjy Richards and Cesar Ramirez led the group of boys comprised of Steven Bowen, Landon Beard, Hayden Murry, and Corey Pillow. The boys were also joined by Meghan Tinkham and Deja James, members of Tri Sigma, a sorority where Romes is a member.

Richards got the idea when he saw a post from another fraternity taking a quadriplegic member up the Appalachian Mountains. According to Richards, they have planned to take Romes to the mountains since last semester, but the weather has always been a hindrance. So when it seemed like the right time, Richards asked Romes if she still wanted to climb the mountain and she agreed. The boys took turns carrying Romes on their back, and it was not an easy trail to climb, with both peaks being “pretty jagged and rough to walk on,” according to Richards.

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Once they reached the top of the mountain, everything was worthwhile. It was a great experience for both parties.

Romes shared with Arkansas Online, “It was awesome. It helped me experience something I would not have gotten otherwise.”

Romes also told Inside Edition, “Motivation is more important than ability in terms of achievement”.

“It was pretty cool; I’m not going to lie,” Richards said. “You definitely get those warm fuzzies once you get to the top. I’ve been up the mountain a number of times. I’ve been up with my dogs; I’ve been up with girlfriends in the past. I’ve been up with my guys, but going up and taking someone who normally would never have been able to be up there — it’s work; it’s not necessarily easy — but it was a pretty great experience.”

Ramirez said, “It was a life lesson, too — to appreciate what you have, to appreciate life in general and to help others in need.”

These boys are breaking the fraternity member stereotype and they are making that clear with their actions of kindness and compassion to others.

Romes and the boys shared that climbing Pinnacle Mountain will not be their last as they plan to go on more adventures together before Romes graduate in May.

Watch Inside Edition‘s report on the fraternity members who carried a student with cerebral palsy up a mountain.